Company Profile

100 Value Distribution Sdn Bhd was founded in July 2000. In the beginning the company’s main focus was on the electrical accessory importers and wholesaler. Our company’s ability to respond to the changing market needs and import new innovative products have succeeded in Malaysia. Our overriding business philosophy is to provide innovative, economical and high quality electrical appliances to not only satisfy our customer’s needs but also surpass their expectations.

In order to stay competitive, we have embarked on product changing and market development. From the electrical accessory importers and wholesaler in the early days, we have expanded our product lines to include wide range of Audio Hi-Fi System, Remote Control, Fans, Surge Protector, Mp3 Recorder and Player, DVD And VCD Player, Battery, Lighting, Rice Cooker and In/Our Door Aerial and Water Heater.

Besides, Our aggressive market development strategy has also enabled us to become a leading provider for household electrical appliances in Malaysia.


Mr. C.T.Ong is the current president of 100 Value Distribution Sdn Bhd. Under his leadership, 100 Value has become a leading provider for household electrical appliances.


Category of Products : 

1. In/Out Door Aerial.
2. Electrical Accessory.
3. Cable.
4. Battery.
5. Lighting.
6. Water Dispenser.
7. LCD Wall Mount.
8. Surge Protector.
9. Rice Cooker.
10. Remote Control.
11. Audio Hi-Fi and Speaker System.
12. DVD & VCD Player.
13. MP3 Recorder & Player.
14. Water Heater